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Offer a chlamydia test annually to all sexually active people aged under 30 years, as well as for those who identify themselves at risk.

Key Information

In general, a chlamydia test should be offered annually to all sexually active people aged under 30 years, as well as for those who identify themselves at risk. 

Why test?

Chlamydia is the most common bacterial STI in Australia, with three-quarters of infections among people aged <30 years (Kirby Institute, 2018).

Key Guidelines

For guidance about who and when to test, including in specific populations, see the RACGP Red Book Guidelines for Preventive Activities in General Practice. For guidance about specimen collection, see the Australian STI Management Guidelines.

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Opportunistic testing one-liners

Need some help bringing up opportunistic STI testing? Here are some suggestions for you:

  • Once a year, I check in with all my patients about contraception, STI screens and cervical screening if appropriate. When did you last have an STI check ?
  • This is a good chance for us to catch up on some other things while you're here. Have we discussed sexual health screening before?
  • Chlamydia in people your age is more common then the flu - would you like a free test today?
  • While you're here, the current guidelines recommend annual STI screening for someone of your age. Would this be of interest to you?
  • Many patients your age who are sexually active are concerned they have been exposed to a sexually transmitted disease, is this something you have ever been concerned about?
  • So as well as sorting this out how about we get a chlamydia test sorted for you today? Its recommended for everyone under 30 who is sexually active.
  • So, as part of your preventative health check, have you had your annual chlamydia screen done yet?
  • We're offering all young people in the practice an easy screening test for chlamydia - would you be interested?
  • As part of routine health care for younger patients I try to discuss about STI even if visit is not related to that. Are you interested in knowing more about STI screening?
  • I like all young people to have at least one urine test for chlamydia a year. Can I talk you into doing one today?

Patient Resources

PlaySafe is an excellent resource for patients. It provides general information about STIs, including chlamydia.  


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